Opening of companies in Malta


  • Opening of legal persons
  • Account in Bank
  • Tax features
  • Accounting and legal support of business
  • Licenses and licensed businesses

Quantity per hour / max. – 9 hours


Product Description

Due diligence process, tax due diligence;

Bank account opening,  company registration etc.

Accompanying conclusion as well as control over execution of international transactions (import and export);

Consulting on the issues of customs legislation;

Drafting, negotiation, accompanying conclusion as well as termination of commercial contracts;

Debt restructuring (restructure, reducing of legal and other risks, security for obligations);

Setting up, restructuring and winding-up the commercial entities and non-profit organizations;

Setting up and providing support for the operation of joint venture companies, special project companies and economic interest groups;

Corporate and tax business restructuring;

Representation of shareholder rights (oversight of following corporate procedures, approval of the agreements, dividend payments and related services);

Corporate management;

Corporate finance;

Corporate debates, disputes on the subject of defense of violated shareholder rights;

  •          We can help you in expanding your business all around the world.
  •          We assist our clients in preparing their startups for future investments from foreign investors. We know how to properly prepare all the paper work and commercialize your idea.
  •          We provide all necessary services to protect your intellectual property and ideas.
  •          We understand the challenges facing many young startups projects, so we are happy to provide low cost alternatives and flexible fee arrangements.
  •          In addition we can offer on-site educational workshops to assist in setting up a company and developing, implementing, and maintaining intellectual property.
  •          The Startup Group consists of highly qualified professionals with a wide specialization, and offers services for startups such as:

o          On-site workshops to educate startups about the legal and tax mechanisms and all related questions of commercialization;

o          Registration and protection of intellectual property all around the world;

o          Advice on optimizing all business processes, tax questions, intellectual property, agreements with employees, non-competition agreements;

o          Preparing all documents and an effective strategy for meetings with investors, including due diligence review;

o          Agreement drafting and risk assessment, including License Agreements, Non-disclosure agreements and Non-competitions agreements.

o          Implementing effective mechanisms to secure Company`s trade secrets and confidential information;

o          Assistance in negotiation with potential clients and investors.