In the dynamic landscape of today’s job market, recruiters must adapt swiftly to stay ahead. A fresh insight from Korn Ferry, a leading consulting firm, unveils six pivotal talent acquisition trends for recruiters in 2024.

In a groundbreaking move, Multiversity, a prominent Italian educational institution overseeing various learning platforms, has introduced an innovative AI tool leveraging OpenAI’s generative AI (GenAI) technology, developed in collaboration with Bain & Company.

Public relations is undergoing a dramatic transformation due to the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI). AI tools are automating routine tasks, uncovering valuable insights from vast data sets, and enabling personalized communications – all while freeing up valuable time and resources for human professionals to focus on strategic thinking and creative problem-solving.

BERLIN, August 15 (Reuters) – A recent study suggests that Chinese manufacturers are making significant inroads into the European Union market, posing a formidable challenge to German manufacturers, particularly in the advanced industrial goods sector where Germany has traditionally held a dominant position.

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