The number of business consulting vacancies opening in UK has risen over the past year, echoing the improving state of the consulting market. An average of 2,800 new positions were advertised via online job boards over the course of the last 12 months, new figures show.

Last month the U.S. Senate came within one vote of repealing the Affordable Care Act, seemingly ending the seven-year effort to repeal the law but leaving insurance markets roiled by uncertainty likely to persist.

Many large enterprises — with well-staffed HR and benefits organizations — are controling what’s in their control: managing costs with best practices in employee engagement and education, practices that have an impact both on the brand and the bottom line. But you don’t have to be a member of the Fortune 500 to adopt these practices. Smaller businesses too can benefit by learning the five habits of well-managed benefit programs.

Franchise agreements contain language that materially affects the franchisee’s rights. This language is often identified by its legal title or name, or is described in sufficient legalese to cause the reader’s eyes to glaze over. Here are six terms that any franchisee — or indeed any person entering into a contract — should understand.