The European Central Bank left its ultra-easy monetary policy stance unchanged as expected on Thursday, keeping rates at record lows and even leaving the door open to more asset buys if the outlook worsens.

After ECB chief Mario Draghi raised the prospect of policy tightening last month, he signalled that any policy tweaks would come only gradually, setting the scene for a possible discussion in September about a long-awaited tapering of its asset buys.

As the owner of a business, you know your operation better than anybody. You’re aware of the problems that exist within your organization. But you’re so busy managing the chaos these problems create that you haven’t been able to remove yourself to analyze them objectively.

The study from consulting firm CBRE found that occupiers of office space in Western Europe and North America are set to contract their presence in the near-term, whereas those in India and China are forecast to expand their presence. Key amenities meanwhile remain an important part of portfolios for companies across the globe.

The paper explores occupancy levels and use expectations for business across the globe, along with key trends faced by businesses as well as trends in consequent decision making by businesses. The report is based on responses from businesses across three major global regions.